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As a health care provider, you play an important role in the cancer system. This website was developed to support you and provide accurate, current information at your fingertips. The site is structured to reflect the cancer journey - from prevention and screening through to end of life and palliative care. Within each section, you'll find best practice guidelines, referral forms, patient resources, contact information, plus much more.  

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As a regional cancer program working on behalf of Cancer Care Ontario, we are dedicated to ensuring all providers across the region are working in partnership to provide high quality care for patients. 

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What's New?

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    Join the South West Psychosocial Oncology Community of Practice! - Are you interested in advancing Psychosocial Oncology (PSO) in the South West? Consider joining the PSO Community of Practice (CoP)! This CoP is open to disciplines across the psychosocial field, including but not limited to: social workers, dietitians, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational and physical therapists, mental health counselors, therapists, sexual health specialists, and directors of community or hospital settings. It's an opportunity to network and engage collaboratively with peers, share existing knowledge, brainstorm new ideas, and enable meaningful change locally and across the region. If you’re interested in being part of this network, or learning more about the PSO CoP, please click the link above and take a moment to fill out a short survey. Your answers will allow us to better understand your individual/organization’s needs, challenges, and what you hope to achieve as a member of this CoP.
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    Human Touch Awards - Nominations Are Open! - We need your help to identify, nominate and celebrate the unsung heroes on the front line of the cancer care system. Every day these wonderful caregivers exhibit extraordinary and compassionate patient care. You can help by nominating and celebrating those who work tirelessly to provide the true ‘human touch’ to cancer care patients across the South West. Please spread the word and encourage nominations in your local community! The deadline is March 12, 2019. Click the link above to learn more and to download the nomination package.
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    Self-Management in Cancer – Quality Standards. - The Patient Education Program at Cancer Care Ontario has released their Self-Management in Cancer – Quality Standards. In 2015, the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario held a Signature Event entitled “Collaborate to Activate – Empowering Patients and Providers for Improved Self-Management”. In response to recommendations from the event, Cancer Care Ontario was tasked with defining self-management and self-management support in the oncology setting and creating a set of quality standards for self-management with an accompanying measurement framework. The standards were informed by the Self-Management Steering Committee, a group of experts convened in 2016 to provide input on the direction of Cancer Care Ontario’s self-management work. The intent of the quality standards is to drive the development of strategies for regional stakeholders to implement self-management and self-management support in cancer care throughout the cancer continuum. It is also to encourage administrators and individual providers to begin to examine how self-management and self-management support can be implemented and measured in their individual organizations and practices. Click the link about to view the standards.